Massage Services

Relaxation Swedish Massage
This classic relaxation massage enhances circulation, soothes tired muscles and improves your body overall tone. Offers light to medium pressure Swedish massage. Recommended for stress relief.

Cranial Sacral Therapy
Offers relief with headaches, back and neck pain and TMJ. Helps relax and de-stress. Gentle releasing techniques for muscle and joint tension along with soft tissue restrictions.

Foot Massage
Decreases stress and helps promote relaxation. Offers relief from toes, ankle and arch pain, plantar fasciitis and other common forms of arthritis.

Deep Tissue Massage
This massage uses a therapeutic technique that releases specific areas of tension within the muscular system. Slow strokes and deep finger pressure is used to alleviate soreness and keep muscles supple. Offers relief from scar tissue, soft tissue release and lengthens muscles. Helps to relieve deep muscle pain and spasms.

Sports Massage
Helps promote flexibility to reduce the risk of injury. Improves endurance and post workout recovery time.

Geriatric Massage
Helps promote circulation, improve flexibility, reduces pain and anxiety, improves balance and joint mobility.

Hot Stone Massage
Warmed lava stones with nutrient rich oils and a specific massage technique combine to balance the body's energy and increase lymphatic circulation for better health. Helps to decrease stress and anxiety, good for arthritic conditions and fibromyalgia. Relieves muscle stiffness and tension.


Let our trained therapist work with you on establishing a routine reflexology sessions to help with your personal needs.

Reflexology therapy uses gentle pressure on specific points along your feet, (hands or ears) to help you feel better. The theory is reflexology can  eases stress, and help your body to heal itself.


Hot Stone Therapy

60 minutes


Warmed lava stones with nutrient rich oils and a specific massage technique combine to balance the body's energy and increase lymphatic circulation for better health. 

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This massage has its roots in antiquity and uses pressure on the foot to stimulate specific areas of the body. The benefits of this treatment are felt deeply and immediately. Wonderful by itself or as an add-on to most massages or pedicures.

Our Professional Licensed Massage Therapists, are here to make sure your session with us is therapeutic. Lay back and close your eyes as you listen to the sounds of relaxing music - experience a massage designed to soothe your body and mind. Feel the inner rhythms of your body as our licensed massage therapist, takes you on a bliss-filled journey with any of our specialized massages to de-stress your body, mind and spirit.

Before receiving our services, we will have you fill out a questionnaire that will better serve us in preparing you for the right treatment to be performed.  

His & Her Day Spa is a mature environment where quality service is at its highest and extended to our guests. To ensure a relaxed atmosphere, we ask that you honor our "no children policy", unless they are receiving a package. ~ Thank you for your cooperation.

Customize Your Massage

30 minutes

60 minutes

90 minutes

 120 minutes


Therapeutic Massage Services

Additional Services to Enhance Your Massage!
$15.00 each

Aroma Therapy

We blend different extracts from herbs, flowers and fruits to promote relaxation throughout the body - easing away aches and pains, anxiety, inflammation, sleep and circulation issues just to name a few.

Deep Muscle Therapy

We use a blend of our warming thermal treatments to provide relief from pain, inflammation and circulation to provide deep muscle pain relief.

Sugar Foot Scrub

Helps to hydrate and soothe feet while relieving foot and arch pain. Softens toes and heels.

Moist Heat

20 minutes of moist heat application during massage. Steam and/or moist heat packs are available to enhance the relaxation of your massage and loosen your muscles.